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Super Quick & Dirty Advice For Anticipative Founders…

First off, you’ll want to understand what a “development stack” is, then you can start looking for the players you will need. I really like the development stack example on this website. It is informative, and the simplicity of the graphics are helpful to the everyday layperson. There are numerous stack options to choose from. After you understand a wee-bit about the tech stack, you will need to find a few different folks to help you execute your vision. Whether you call them coders, programmers, software engineers, or developers, they’re all the same.

For this example, we will go with developer. There are essentially three types of developers; full-stack developers, front-end developers, and back-end developers. In addition to your developer(s), you may also want someone well versed in UI/UX design. Many folks like the idea of working with one person instead of two, so they choose a full-stack developer who can do it all. My personal preference is having a UI/UX designer and a separate front-end and back-end developer. However plenty of front-end developers have mad UI/UX skills, so you may be able to kill two birds with that one stone. Woot!

Read The Lean Startup. You will thank me later. It’s an oldie but goodie and it offers great advice for new founders. This can help you avoid building unnecessary features that your users may not even use. This mistake can cost alotta money and is easily avoidable. Essentially, best practice is to build a simple product and allow your users to tell you what they want. Winning!

Last, but certainly not least, prepare to spend a great deal of money on this venture. Tech is super-duper expensive. Good developers are in high demand, so they are not cheap. Prepare to have a hefty budget for ongoing development as well, this can get extremely costly as you grow. Many hopeful founders do not realize the amount of time involved and money it costs just to make a few minor tweaks. More about this in my other blog. You will also need to fork over some big bucks on marketing. The days of “if you build it, they will come” are a distant memory. Now-a-days, the question is; “how can I stand out in a sea of startups?” To get noticed you will need to make noise, A LOT of noise. Marketing is generally the second biggest expense for a startup. It is a necessary evil. Without users, your startup will not survive. And without repeat users, your startup will not survive either. Thus, budget accordingly and be prepared to part with some serious cash or search for financing stat. 



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