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I Think I Found The Fanciest Nail Spa In The World!

Wow, I never thought these two favorite things of mine could be combined so seamlessly. That is, until I discovered the Organic Cabernet Infused Pedicure. Hashtag amazing! It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and it was oh so fabulous! The pedicure began with a foot soak infused with… you guessed it… cabernet! They also added organic lemongrass, cucumber, and various essential oils, which all smelled so good. Following the foot soak was a decadent scrub, paraffin wax treatment, and hot stone massage. The foot beautifying indulgence was finished off with perfectly polished nails in an organic shade named Sunset.

Pozvat | Blog | Cabernet Nail Spa
Pozvat | Blog | Cabernet Nail Spa

This spa sure knows the way to a woman’s heart — they even treat you to a glass of cab while you’re gettin’ your pamper on! I loved the spa, and the combo, but I was curious to know why anyone would waste coveted cabernet on a foot treatment?! So I met with the creative genius behind the aptly named Cabernet Nail Spa to learn more…

When you love something, you want to tell everyone you know about it. Heck, after this experience I want to shout it from the rooftops! I sat down with the spa founder, Leanne Nguyen, to ask all the burning questions. I discovered that Leanne put so much thought into each and every step before creating this amazing concept, including forming an advisory board with pharmacist Havy Dam, RPh, ABAAHP and Dr. Shannon Wood Gallegos. Dr. Gallegos is a well-respected Naturopathic Doctor & Licensed Midwife who also owns Got Vitamin B12, which offers vitamin injections in multiple locations throughout the Bay Area. In the development stages, the board got together to find the absolute best organic ingredients for a person’s skin. They partnered with South River Lavender and Bray Vineyards to source the fresh ingredients locally. This concept is very ‘Farm to Fork’, for which the Sacramento region is known.

I love me some wine, buy why use it in the foot soak? What are the benefits? Leanne told me The Cabernet Infused Pedicure is their signature treatment as it allows guests to reap the many benefits of wine being absorbed through the feet. They specifically chose red wine because it contains resveratrol, which is a powerful antioxidant compound that regenerates the body. The resveratrol antioxidants protect the skin against free radical damage, detoxify, and provide anti-aging benefits. In our red sole—obsessed culture, having youthful feet is imperative when showing off our latest edition and sexy toe cleavage.

Pozvat | Blog | Cabernet Nail Spa
Pozvat | Blog | Cabernet Nail Spa

The fresh ingredients used here are delightful, and the benefits are quite amazing. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for the advantages it offers the skin. They provide a variety of organic fruits, petals, and herbs to combine for maximum results, dependent upon the treatment chosen. And they actually rubbed the fresh ingredients directly on my skin during the lengthy, relaxing massage. The menu offers an organic cucumber, mint leaf, signature cabernet infused, and the rose petal infused specialty pedicure (which is only available for holidays and birthdays). These options are all available for manicure treatments as well, but I have kids so I do not indulge in manicures because I prefer to keep my fingernails uber short. Not short, though, is my love of this spa’s organic ingredients, and you won’t find any chemicals here. They are deliberately not welcome. Even the nail polish is organic!

After my first pedicure, I immediately noticed how incredibly soft my feet were. Amazing — these organic ingredients really work! Unlike the traditional toxic chemical pedi that I have become accustomed to, this spa was free from the unfriendly eye-burning odors produced by acrylics (barf). The spa smells heavenly and the actual pedicure smelled good too! I loved my first pedicure so much I returned two weeks later for another treatment. This time, I took advantage of the Rose Infused Pedicure Mother’s Day special. Hey, I totally earned it!

Have I mentioned the spa is stunningly beautiful?! They have a welcoming environment with large cozy chairs and copper bowls. The copper bowl was no accident either. They chose copper because it contains peptides, which are powerful anti-aging ingredients that promote and prolong the look of youth. To this end, a woman can’t go wrong with pretty feet.

Pozvat | Blog | Cabernet Nail Spa
Pozvat | Blog | Cabernet Nail Spa

This spa is quite the buzz around town. In fact, when I went to interview Leanne, she was filming a segment for FOX40’s In Your Neighborhood with Mae Fasei. Mae was treated to the signature Cabernet Infused Pedicure and she was just as amazed as I was with Cabernet Nail Spa’s luxurious feel. Now that I have experienced what I must say is the absolute best pedicure ever, I can never go anywhere else. Thank you, Leanne, for creating an oasis that wildly separates itself from the dreaded and typical toxic hole-in-the-wall salon.

Lastly, I am sure you’re wondering how much dough you have to fork over for this incredible experience. Surprisingly, their prices are very comparable to the subpar competition with a price range of $35 to $65. Such a steal!



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